The SURE Plan

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Waistaway SURE is a total food replacement plan using the NewWeigh Pharmacy Programme (we previously used the Lipotrim programme which has been discontinued)

Despite first impressions, NewWeigh total diet replacement is actually an easy way to lose weight. It’s true the diet is strict and can seem like a daunting, almost impossible challenge.

Think about weight loss like you would do if you were giving up smoking or paying off a huge credit-card debt.

We use similar principles to make the weight loss quick, comfortable and safe.

If you’re considering our NewWeigh diet programme, rest assured that many have done the SURE Plan and have succeeded (take a look at our diet results). There are very few reasons to stop you doing the same.

Ask us any questions you have….. we have heard them all over the years so we have the answers for you.

How it works
  • Conventional foods are stopped and certain drinks are restricted.
  • Food is replaced by low calorie, high nutrition replacements.
  • Feelings of hunger and cravings for food will diminish.
  • Normal activity and energy levels will be maintained.
  • Health is maintained by nutrient rich replacement meals.
  • Lose on average 1 stone per month.*
  • Noticeable improvement in health and reversal of certain health conditions.

Winning Longterm
The SURE Plan, using the NewWeigh diet is designed to get you the weight loss results you want quickly.

We’re proud to say that many have succeeded and revolutionised their lives by dieting with us.

But losing weight is only half the battle.

Once you’ve put all that hard work into achieving your goal you’ll want to do everything to keep the weight off.

As part of our service, we will keep working with you for as long as you need, to assist you in keeping your weight in check and staying healthy.

The SURE Plan (NewWeigh diet programme) is a medically controlled total diet replacement plan.

Phase 1 – Weight loss

This involves replacing all of your food, and most types of drink, with nutritionally balanced meal replacements.

These replacements allow us to reduce your daily calorie intake to around 500 calories, for both women and men, while keeping you healthy. Because your body is no longer getting the usual energy from food, it goes into a state called ‘mild dietary ketosis’ or being in”keto”.

This means your body is using its fat reserves for energy instead of food. Whilst in ketosis your cravings and hunger levels will decrease.

The end result being comfortable and rapid, but sustainable weight loss.

Please contact us or preferably submit your NewWeigh medical screening form to receive a video of how the NewWeigh total diet replacement (TDR) works.

To make sure we keep you safe and healthy, the SURE Plan is only available after completing a medical screening form. That’s why we check your weight every week to track your diet progress and comfort levels.

These regular meetings, online or in person, are a great way of helping with any issues or questions you may have. For example you may suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension…

As part of your support, you will also have a direct line to your weight loss consultant, meaning you will never be more than a call, text, messenger or social media post from expert help and diet advice.

If you feel a more flexible approach to dieting would suit you. Please see Waistaway FLEX.

The following video details Phase 2 (Refeeding) and Phase 3 (Maintenance)……

Now we feel this is an essential listen….

Although Lipotrim has been discontinued, their Refeeding after Lipotrim and general weight maintenance advice offers some great education, so we have decided to keep it available.

Please note this information is to supplement that delivered in the NewWeigh materials. In the event of any conflicting advice, please follow the information given by NewWeigh, and don’t forget we are here to offer the definitive answers. 

These MP3 format audio files have lots of answers for you.

Shout if you have questions – we’re here to help.

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Waistaway SURE and Lipotrim

Waistaway SURE is proven to help you lose weight quickly but also safely & healthily. The Lipotrim programme was available from pharmacies and GPs for over 25 years and had a proven track record of diet success. The emergence of NewWeigh will continue our links to this healthy and successful method of weight loss.

Waistaway have been offering this service since 2004 and have helped hundreds lose weight rapidly and keep the weight off.

Have more questions? Feeling confident and want to make a start?

Get in touch and we can answer your questions or arrange a FREE initial consultation to get you started.

You will need this supporting patient literature when following the Sure Plan (NewWeigh) which can be downloaded here:

NewWeigh Total Diet Replacement Patient Literature