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Valerie Thompson – Trustpilot review

5 Star Review:

Valerie Thompson Trustpilot review - Lipotrim review

08 March 2019

Philip Wright – Trustpilot review

5 Star Review:

Philip Wright Trustpilot review - Lipotrim review

27 January 2019


5 Star Review:


All excellent – product and staff.

Lost 9 1/2 kg in the first month, then kept to 1500 or less calories/day

Now have lost 22.25kg in 4 months

10 May 2018


5 Star Review:


Good experience, set expectations very well, follow up visits were helpful.

The diet itself is extreme however the results are tremendous and it gives you a good sense of well being.

I have tried all of the normal diets with limited success but this one really gave me the kick start I needed to change my lifestyle.

I have already recommended Waistaway to my friends and family. 

10 May 2018


5 Star Review:


Waistaway works. It really does.

If you are determined and willing to stick to the plan, it is not that difficult. The results were swift and I would give the programme a huge thumbs up.

Do it, because it really does work.

10 May 2018


5 Star Review:


Did the Lipotrim weight loss plan for 9 weeks and lost 2st 6lbs having never dieted before.

Yes I found the first week tough but you soon get used to just having the drinks and do not
feel hungry and get used to drinking so much more water.

Gareth’s support/advice/encouragement is invaluable which I will continue to draw on to
help keep the weight down during the coming months/years.

Thank you, I am still amazed I have lost this amount of weight in such a small space of time.

20 April 2018

A.M. – Facebook

Watch this space….

Lipotrim review

Review of the Waistaway Sure plan using Lipotrim

09 Feb 2018

S.Usher –NHS Choices

5 Star rating given by S Usher

Helpful and kind pharmacy (Wansford Pharmacy)

The staff are very helpful, kind and courteous. Prescriptions are managed by the pharmacy efficiently and always correct.
I am on the Pharmacy weight management programme (Waistaway) and have lost 3 stone in 15 weeks.

An easy to follow diet and simply it works.

06 Oct 2017

DLB –NHS Choices

5 Star rating given by DLB

Great service from my local pharmacy (Wansford Pharmacy)

Efficient, kind staff and knowledgeable.
Am following the weight management programme, using Waistaway and the Lipotrim maintenance products – very supportive.

06 Oct 2017

StephL-31 – Yell.com

5 Stars – Brilliant service!

I have recently used Waistaway services and have managed to lose nearly 10 stone.

I have gone from a size 26/28 to a size 12 and have honestly never felt better. I feel so much more confident and because of that have started acting again which I had become too self conscious to do before.

I have a mobility issue and although that still exists, things have become much easier.

Gareth has been so supportive and accommodating through the whole experience. The support given has been invaluable and has ensured that I didn’t stray from the diet like I always did before.

I have now finished the shakes and the support has continued to help with maintenance.

I can’t thank Waistaway enough!


11 Aug 2017

Susan W – Yell.com

I have just completed the total food replacement program and am delighted to say I’ve loss two and a half stone in ten weeks and am feeling great!

Unbelievably I never once felt hungry and actually really enjoyed the strawberry and vanilla shakes that provided me with all the nutrients my body needed.
I drank copious amounts of water which also gave a feeling of fullness.

I have to say Gareth gave me loads of support and encouragement showing me my progress on a chart and answering my questions with clarity and honesty.

Health wise my high blood pressure is now within the normal range and my BMI has gone from 30 to 24!
I am now on the maintenance program replacing milkshake for healthy food, it is a life choice and I have learned how to make the right food choices to help me stay my new slim self!

I would recommend Lipotrim to anyone with health and weight issues.

01 Jun 2017

Carole K

I have to say that this is the best diet plan I have used.  The fantastic support, encouragement and motivation given by Gareth spurs you on.  Nothing is too much trouble; questions are answered and advice given.
The Lipotrim programme is easy to follow, I didn’t feel hungry from the start of the programme and each week you lose weight.
You are monitored each week by recording your blood pressure and liaison takes place if necessary with your GP if your medication may need reviewing.

In my case I have halved my medication for my blood pressure.

I am still on the Lipotrim programme and after 14 weeks have lost 4 stone with approx 1 to go.

I feel so good about my self; my self esteem has improved, I look better and now get into size 12 rather than 18-20.
I would recommend the Lipotrim diet (Waistaway Sure) to anyone who is struggling with their weight loss.

04 Feb 2017

Amanda Chappell – Facebook

I started out at 14stone and now I am 10stone 3lbs.

I feel so pleased to be back down to this weight. Its taken me 4 months of commitment to a total food replacement programme. The weight drops off each day and this motivates more, alongside the excellent support from Gareth. Amazing results. Getting some lovely compliments too. Highly recommend.

07 Sep 2016

Will Elvin – Facebook

The plan has been a revelation to me and helped me achieve my weight loss goal of 2 stone ! I was totally committed and having the supplements really helped in not being tempted by any other food.
Gareth was a fantastic support throughout and still is as I continue to have regular weigh ins to help me maintain my weight loss .

29 Jul 2016

JoR-16 – Yell.com

Fast, consistent results with excellent support

I have reached the end of Week 12 and lost 3st 1lb which I’m delighted with. It’s been fast and consistent and once you get used to the rigours of the Lipotrim Total Food Replacement Plan it is easy. On the whole hunger is not a problem but it does hit from time to time. But the plan is excellent for allowing you the space to observe when and where your weak points occur and sort out strategies to deal with them so you don’t slip back into bad habits post Lipotrim. I am now delighted to report that although I still have a little way to go, I am now in the clothes I was last able to fit into 6 years ago and the sleep apnoeia that I had developed has now receded completely. A big thank you to Gareth at Waistaway for all your support and encouragement on this journey, your advice has been invaluable.

22 Apr 2015

JulieS-62 – Yell.com


I can’t rave about lipotrim enough. I have been on it about 4 wks. I’ve lost 20lb and more importantly, being diabetic it has helped me so much. I was taking 4 metformin, 2 glicazide and 20mg insulin and u couldn’t get my sugar levels down. In the first week I was able to come off the glicazide and the insulin and my levels have been no more than 8.0 since.
I have so much energy , even at my age(51) , more than I had 5yrs ago! And I’m sleeping through the night which I haven’t done for years.
My aim is to reverse my diabetes which I feel really positive about achieving now.
Gareth is brilliant, just a phone call or text away and he’s really supportive.

10 Apr 2015

Nicky Leath – Facebook

This is one of the best things I have ever done. Amazing results alongside the best support from Gareth and Pete. It is now a big part of my life. If anyone is reading and thinking about it I would recommend you do it.

03 Jan 2016

NicolaR76 – Yell.com


Hard work and commitment from both myself and Gareth has enabled me to be successful, losing 2 stone in 8 weeks. The support offered during this time has been unwavering, thank you 🙂

28 Oct 2015

DebraFr – Yell.com

Great one to one support

Lipotrim along with the support from Gareth is a great combination. I lost 3 stone in a very short time and feel great.
thanks again for excellent support

27 Jul 2015

SB_Huntingdon – Yell.com

Slow but steady weight loss is really getting the weight loss results

Slow and steady weight loss using the Waistaway Flex plan suits me. I use the summer fruit and orange creme every day and it fills me up so I don’t need to snack and can have a nice evening meal without feeling guilty. I have also used previously Lipotrim on the Waistaway Sure plan successfully, losing over a stone. The back-up I get and the weekly consultations, which are nice and private, mean I can keep to my diet easily. Without the help from Waistaway I probably wouldn’t be able to keep to the diet or keep the weight off like I do.

11 Jun 2015

LJ2015 – Yell.com

Lipotrim – It really works, lose weight and learn how to get control of your eating!

I lost 2 stone, in 2 just over 2 months, using these products, it was easy to do and they taste good. I’ve tried other weight loss programs in the past, without success. Gareth and Pete were very helpful and supportive, even after I’d reached my target weight. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and get control of their eating habits.

08 Jun 2015

KirstenmattC – Yell.com

Personal Touch

Have been using this service for 2 years now. Have lost 4 stone and going through maintenance. Gareth and Pete helpful with advice and support. Started with total refeed and do partial refeed to lose more weight or maintain. If i am struggling often can send a text or speak to Gareth or Pete and help you get on with goal. How many services offer you that. Fantastic. Kirsten chambers

16 Apr 2015

A_M2015 – Yell.com

Waistaway weight loss personal touch and support.

Have been using this service for 2 years now. Have lost 4 stone and going through maintenance. Gareth and Pete helpful with advice and support. Started with total refeed and do partial refeed to lose more weight or maintain. If i am struggling often can send a text or speak to Gareth or Pete and help you get on with goal. How many services offer you that. Fantastic. Kirsten chambers

16 Apr 2015

Hazel_121178 – Yell.com

Motivating and Encouraging

Coming to Waistaway motivates and encourages me to achieve my weightloss goals. Without their support I wouldnt be able to do it. I feel inspired to make sensible choices and develop healthy eating habits. Even if I have a bad week I always come for that extra help and encouragement. I dont get the same one to one help at tother slimming clubs. Because it works around me and my lifestyle, I dont feel deprived. I feel more confident and have more energy.
Hazel Wilson

14 Apr 2015

LauraB82 – Yell.com


Very helpful with weight loss and maintenance. Good support when you may be struggling with starting or re-starting the programme and lots of follow-up support on stopping or breaking the plan (for christmas etc…) Easy to contact and communicate with. I am currently on the plan ands am very pleased with the results. Would recommend to those who need help with willpower and who want to improve their overall confidence and health.

27 Mar 2015

KCroxon – Yell.com

This diet really does work

I can prove this diet works because I’ve lost around 3 stone, using both diet plans, including Lipotrim, which were easy to follow every day. I got lots of motivation to keep doing the diet and since I am 2 sizes smaller I don’t want to be fat again. Waistaway helped me because the personal one-to-one weight checks really helped keep me focused and answered my questions every time. Sticking to the lipotrim diet helped me realise what bad habits I had when I gained the weight originally and Gareth helped and explained this at the start and throughout my diet. I really like the flexible times throughout the week so the weight checks can fit in with my life and work.

26 Mar 2015

Melanie Wade – Facebook

Gareth is very professional and has helped and supported me while I used the fantastic Lipotrim products to lose weight fast and healthily. I would recommend that anyone who wants to seriously lose weight contact Gareth at Waistaway. .you will not regret it!

29 Oct 2013

erob – Yell.com

Expert Advice!

Whether you have 2 stones or much more to lose, you can be sure to receive excellent advice on how to achieve your goal from Gareth. I lost 2 stones in approx 5 weeks and felt that I had his support from start to finish with any questions I had, always answered professionally and comprehensively. The products offered on this diet, shakes and chicken soup, are quite palatable which makes this diet one of the best. Gareth also offers his support after reaching your goal which is an added bonus. A big thank you to Waistaway from Elaine!

21 Oct 2013

JamesLo – Yell.com

Genuine honest service

Waistaway has been a breath of fresh air. Nice to get help from someone who genuinely cares about helping you. I went on the maintenance programme.

10 Sep 2013

NinaHornig – Yell.com

Waistaway Ltd helped me loose weight and keep it off

Gareth at Waistaway Ltd was so professional and informative with the Lipotrim product. Lipotrim is a complete food replacement diet and even though I didnt have a lot of weight to loose it worked perfectly for me. I lost 1st 5lbs in 5 weeks and Gareth was with me all the way.He was always contactable and supportive. If you are commited and focused on loosing weight then Waistaway Ltd is the way forward.

04 Jan 2012