Flex plan

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Waistaway FLEX is our flexible diet plan

Flex uses one a combination of diet methods to help you achieve and/or manage your healthy weight.

These include:

  • Partial food replacement therapy
  • Calorie control using portion control plates
  • Food diary assessments
  • And regular one-to-one consultations
How it works:
  • Regular one to one meetings and support.
  • Balance your diet between meal replacements and conventional food.
  • Begin developing improved approaches and habits toward food.
  • More flexibility to allow responsible social eating and drinking.
  • Average loss of 1 – 2 lbs weekly.
  • Can be used for weight management afterward any method of weight loss, especially the Sure plan (NewWeigh Total Diet Replacement – TDR).
  • Ideal for those who have reversed their type 2 diabetes using the Sure Plan and NewWeigh (or previously with Lipotrim).
Top Tips

Be honest with yourself and us. By disguising bad habits and food intake you will hamper your chances of success.

Keep busy, 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily is a good start, and drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

Monitor your weight carefully, using the same scales, wearing similar clothes, at similar times of the day. Don’t obsess, once a week is enough.

Staying in control

The theory of losing weight is straightforward – eat less and exercise more (please see our videos below for information on exercise and it’s role in weight loss and weight management).

As you know, in the real world it is very difficult to maintain healthy eating habits, feel good and lose weight steadily for more than a few weeks.

The key to effective weight loss is to have a robust plan that you will be able to stick to. Waistaway FLEX is designed to help you create that plan and give you the support to see it through.

By using a variety of options and one to one support, the FLEX Plan keeps you in control of your diet.

If you have completed the Sure plan, using NewWeigh TDR, you will need to follow Phase 2 fully before embarking on Phase 3 which is for maintenance and minor weight adjustment.

Please also listen to this audio. Although it belongs to the now discontinued Lipotrim diet, the following information could prove invaluable. It details how to refeed after using the Sure plan and how the flex plan has a critical place as an aid to maintaining your weight loss. If there is any conflicting advice, please follow that offered by NewWeigh and please remember we are here to offer the definitive answers.

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Don’t take your weight management lightly.

If you are looking for rapid weight loss you will love our Waistaway SURE plan which uses the Lipotrim Pharmacy programme. After any diet programme we will continue to work with you to develop healthy eating habits to keep the weight off. 

There is no evidence linking rapid weight loss with rapid weight gain.

Whether you’re starting on the FLEX Plan or the SURE Plan, we offer a free, no obligation initial consultation. This allows us to give you more detailed information about our plans and some initial ideas on the correct diet for you.

For you to lose weight successfully and reach your target you must use a diet that fits you. It must be a realistic diet, that allows you to lose weight at a speed you are happy with. A diet that helps you to make long term beneficial changes to your current food and drink lifestyle.

Finally, it must be a diet that gives you the best chance of  reaching your weight loss goal while keeping you healthy and properly nourished.

Get in touch for a FREE initial consultation or ask us any questions you may have.

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