Type II Diabetes and Weight Loss

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Weight loss with Waistaway can force type 2 diabetes into remission.

Type 2 diabetes is often described as a lifestyle disease. The majority of type 2 diabetes sufferers can put their condition almost entirely down to carrying excess weight. Weight loss is therefore an excellent method of preventing type 2 diabetes.

By maintaining body weight at a healthy BMI, normally 20 to 25, or at worst below the 30+ BMI associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes will largely be prevented.

Waistaway Flex Plan

The Waistaway Flex plan is ideally placed to help with weight maintenance and help prevent the rising levels of type 2 diabetes.

Effective weight management is the key to any weight loss success, and is especially relevant for type 2 diabetics. The high nutrition, high soluble fibre formula foods used in the Flex plan allow for a greater control of blood sugars, hunger levels and portion control.

But what if I already have type 2 diabetes?

Those people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are now taking metformin straight after diagnosis in order to gain control of the blood glucose levels and reduce cardiovascular risk. It is however very common that the condition worsens with time.

As the body progressively struggles to keep blood glucose levels within a normal range, many patients see their medications increase in number and strength. We all prefer it of we do not need to take medication with their associated side effects and cost to the NHS.

Unfortunately without decreasing body weight significantly, the majority of type 2 diabetics will have no option but to accept the ultimate escalation of medication which is to require the injecting of insulin for the rest of their lives.

True weight loss, fat loss rather than just the short term loss of body water, can prevent this escalation.  

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type 2 diabetes - stop escalation to insulin with Waistaway and Lipotrim

Waistaway Sure Plan

The Waistaway Sure plan uses a very different approach to many diets.

It is true that weight loss, using traditional dieting methods, can in time help with blood glucose control but in truth many people simply do not succeed on losing enough weight to gain full control over their blood glucose levels.

Waistaway Sure uses the NewWeigh Pharmacy Programme, a specially designed Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), whereby all conventional foods are replaced by nutritionally complete formula foods.

This strict diet not only allows the dieter to regain control over food habits (food addiction), lifestyle, etc, but the combination of very low calorie intake and a mild dietary ketosis also naturally leads to the normalisation of blood sugars.

maintaining weight loss is key to keeping type 2 diabetes in remission using Waistaway Flex

The anti-diabetic medication is therefore unnecessary when using this dieting approach with type 2 diabetes. It is important to not have any medication that could easily force the blood sugars too low. The diet will be replacing the role of the diabetic medications within the first week of the diet plan.

A type 2 diabetic, so long as they haven’t escalated to needing insulin injections, can follow the Waistaway Sure plan using NewWeigh. Before doing so we would need to talk to the GP to explain the science behind NewWeigh. So long as the GP understands and is willing to offer support, they must agree in writing allowing the patient to stop taking the diabetic medications on day 1 of the weight loss phase and throughout the course of the diet.

It is essential that you do not stop taking your diabetic medications without the consent of your GP and our pharmacist, Gareth Evans MRPharmS.

The insulin resistance will likely decrease, and insulin sensitivity increase with weight loss to such an extent that full type 2 diabetes remission will occur, So long as the weight loss is maintained it is highly likely that the type 2 diabetes will be “cured”.

Regaining the weight will more than likely allow the type 2 diabetes to return so it is essential that the whole process is followed including the Waistaway Flex plan for long term weight maintenance.

Type 2 diabetes is a terrible disease to suffer from.

Do not underestimate the long term consequences of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of many long term conditions from eye troubles leading to blindness, even nerve damage leading to amputations.

We must do more, on an individual level, to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes by reducing the levels of excess weight and obesity. It is simple but true that by decreasing the obesity levels we will also decrease the levels of type 2 diabetes.

The NHS currently spends lots of valuable time, and huge amounts of money, tackling the effects of type 2 diabetes. Any change we can effect will mean these under-pressure health resources can be funnelled to other areas, such as cancer research & treatment, and dementia care.

Please feel free to contact us at Waistaway so we can discuss the role of weight loss and the treatment & prevention of type 2 diabetes.