The effective treatment of obesity is a target for the NHS.

We are very proud of our Waistaway White Paper on effective treatment of obesity. The results, shared with you, in the form of a white paper demonstrates our continued determination to treat obesity and help maintain the weight losses long term.

The results Waistaway has produced over a 12 year period has been consistent and remarkable with weight losses averaging above 11% in all but newly established venues. With more patients enrolled and no deviation from the method in each of the venues the data will no doubt be replicated.

The fact that these medically beneficial weight losses occur independent of gender, starting BMI and number of attempts demonstrates the value of this pharmacy programme to those needing weight loss treatment for existing obesity and prevention of obesity alike.

Patients with type 2 diabetes lost weight at the same rate as non-diabetics. This is contrary to the statement in the British National Formulary⁹ that “ rates of weight loss may be slower in patients with type 2 diabetes” Patients compliant on the Sure plan (Lipotrim) were effectively in diabetic remission on starting the weight loss phase through to and including the weight maintenance phase. This meant the diabetic medication could be safely stopped on starting the VLCD.

Medicated hypertensive patients were equally as successful losing weight on our programme, with a number of patients requiring dose reductions or even cessation of their antihypertensive medication as their blood pressure improved.

The data on weight maintenance is encouraging since we saw only a 1% increase in weight over an average of over 80 days. The spread of data for weight maintenance ranged from 0 days, where the patient decided to maintain alone, up to 945 days follow-up. Long term weight maintenance help was heavily promoted to ensure the patient wasn’t attempting weight maintenance alone because it is the lack of weight maintenance ability that led to their weight gain initially.

We are currently only able to audit the weight loss data for those following the Waistaway Sure Lipotrim programme. The auditable computer programme used is currently being developed to add this function.

Anecdotal evidence, after assessing individual records, show weight losses are being achieved by patients on the Flex plan in the region of 1lb a week average loss and the total losses are much less significant than those using the Lipotrim programme. However any losses that are maintained, as shown in Table 6, will be leading to the reduction of excess weight and obesity related health risks.

It is vital that this comprehensive approach to weight management is acknowledged as a viable option for treatment and prevention of obesity.  Since there is no cost to the NHS and it is controlled by a health professional, an accessible Pharmacist, referrals are essential from Primary Care so their patients can have access to a programme that encompasses all of the first 3 tiers of the NICE guidelines.

Waistaway Obesity treatment Study 2016