AspireAssist claims to be a breakthrough in obesity treatment. Is it just assisted bulemia?

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This new device is the first to remove food that people have already eaten before it can be digested.

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Has the battle for our waistlines and a healthier future become so desperate? Obviously any potential solution to the obesity crisis should be met with and examined with an open mind. But what does this really offer us a solution?

Granted it reduces the amount of calories ingested by removing extra food from the stomach. But just think about that for a moment. The solution is to take a third of your food, that has already been chewed and swallowed, and pump it out of you through a hole in your abdomen. Most people would balk at this idea as being incredibly unpalatable. Imagine going out for dinner or to a friend’s and excusing yourself while you go and empty your stomach. It sounds suspiciously like Bulimia. And nobody would suggest Bulimia as a viable weight loss and weight management option.

The developers of AspireAssist do advise that the device is to be used in the most extreme cases. But the problem we have is that extreme obesity is becoming more and more common. AspireAssist does nothing to develop or encourage better eating habits. If anything it says to the following generation that it’s okay to eat as much as you want and get as big as you want. Why? Because we can just attach this pump and drain your stomach when you get too heavy.

Devices like this are not solutions. They encourage the behaviour of overeating and do nothing to teach healthy lifestyle choices. Here at Waistaway we firmly believe in the power of education and effective diet control. With the right diet such as our SURE Plan, individuals can lose weight rapidly, without the need for surgery. We can help develop eating habits that will not only serve the dieter, but that will also serve as an example to those that person interacts with. If we work together, as individuals and communities, we can build the foundations for a healthier future for everyone, instead of relying on unnecessary surgery and devices to fix the preventable disease of obesity.

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