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We use the Lipotrim pharmacy programme (Sure Plan)

Especially suitable for type 2 diabetics

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One to One

We don't do group sessions. All our meetings will be held in the privacy of our pharmacy consultation room. Providing the best service for YOU.

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Your Way

Lose up to 1 stone a month with Lipotrim on our SURE Plan.* Stay in control with our FLEX plan after weight loss for flexible weight loss.

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Stay Healthy

Your health is at the core of our work. We offer the fastest possible diet, while making sure you stay completely nourished and healthy.

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A range of weight loss products, portion plates, multi-vitamins and workout supplements to keep you healthy. All at competitive prices.

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Don't just take our word for it

Since 2004 we've helped lots of people, each with their own difficulties, situations and goals.

But we don't want you to just take our word for it.

Nicky Leath is just one of our diet success stories. Watch her discuss dieting with Waistaway plus how it's improved her type 2 diabetes, health and lifestlye.

Waistaway is committed to helping you manage or lose weight, using only quality diet products from reputable suppliers.

Our weight loss plans use the Lipotrim Obesity Management Programme, a groundbreaking meal replacement, weight loss programme with fully auditable results. This ensures we are able to help you lose weight in the fastest possible way while maintaining full nutrition, avoiding invasive surgery and unnecessary extra medication.

Find out more about how our amazing weight loss services and healthy diet products can help you by contacting us below or reading more about our different Plans.

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