Obesity increases cancer risk

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So let’s tackle obesity related cancer risk now! Obesity increases cancer risk so says the article on the Cancer Research UK website We at Waistaway are fully behind this article. We are always trying to help people lose their excess weight and maintain their weight afterwards using a dynamic approach to dieting.  New obesity figures […]

will a sugar tax work?

Sugar tax – is sugar bad?

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Sugar tax article says great things will happen…. or does it? Sugar tax has been in the news for what seems a long long time. Previously sugar was just the food type that we knew wasn’t the best thing to eat mainly because of tooth decay. The NHS choices article, based on a BBC news […]

Obesity post mortem

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Post mortem on obesity helps show dangers of excess weight Being overweight isn’t all that bad is it? It’s really just a way of classing people different, body shaming, dictating what you should look like?  This insightful programme by the BBC shows the post mortem of an obese lady and the effects on the body […]

lose weight using a healthy diet. NHS black hole?

NHS black hole?

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NHS black hole – is it broken? The NHS black hole has been long developing with a deficit of £2.45bn last year. Senior NHS managers are drawing up the services that could be cut says Laura Donnelly in the Daily Telegraph back in early September. It is thought the NHs will need to deliver £22bn […]